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Outsourced (in studio)_edited.jpg
First 5 (Jad Picked).jpg

Image on left is from the tiny studio of the first 4 "outsourced paintings", the image on the right is of the 5 colors Jad picked at Sherwin Williams.

I got to thinking, all these companies are "outsourcing", what would it look like if I did the same? I thought, what choices can I give to someone else? So I had Sherwin Williams make some of the paint, Jad (aka, Tiny Assistant) picked the colors, Wanda at the art store chose the size and Google random number generator paired with Instagram picked the images. This is going to be a growing project, in that I learn new things with each iteration, like the first 4, I learned that I really didn't outsource very much. I now need to convince other folks to make the work now.

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