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Image on left is from the tiny studio of the "After E Murphy paintings", the image in the center is me making tiny marks on Instagram, on the right is one of the inspiration images of Eileen_murphy_studio (yes that's ove12,000 views, ugh).

I have been trying to "up" my social media game and in doing so notice a number of really interesting things on Instagram; dogs staring at paintings, lots of exposed skin, bla, bla, bla. But I also noticed this account, eileen_murphy_studio, blowing up Instagram with thousands of likes and tons of comments, while making videos of tiny landscapes being painted. I was impressed and immensely jealous. Not only was this account exponentially more popular than mine, it seemed there was a genuine pleasure in the tiny little marks being made and that was seemly translated to the broader Insta-public. 

So I stole the idea and made tiny paintings, with tiny marks and posted lots of videos of them to my Instagram account. It has been genuinely pleasurable, however ...

I am still nowhere near as popular as eileen_murphy_studio, #devastating and #unfair

In a way I almost didn't want the paintings to exist in real life, only online, so its strange having these little things as objects of a digital experience. 

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