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After Party (I’m with them) an exhibition

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I found this note I wrote in my phone from right before the pandemic that I found interesting and funny; “Negotiations of a pretend and fancy life”. This is how I see my work.  In a general sense, my work hinges on the idea of exploring the superficial and meaningful simultaneously. I navigate this, most often, from a perceived lack of belonging.
This show at SJU Gallery in 2021 is a revisiting of thoughts between March 2020 and October 4 2021.
The idea of a “party” or an “after party” is fascinating to me and has a new definition in our current culture and climate. What is an “after party” anyway? As someone always thinking I am on the outside looking in, I don’t think I have ever been invited to an “after party”. Will I ever be cool enough to actually get invited to one? Will they let me in? Will I be asked to clean up? 
And then I think of the pandemic and our politics and environment; What and when is the party after this one? Is there one?  Will I be asked to clean up? 
All these thoughts led to some paintings with images I found online, a painting on fabric from the first mask I tried to sew, another on a blanket, and some paintings about merging images (Venn diagrams) and some “neon” paintings from what I learned on YouTube. I convinced my family and friends to do some paint by numbers of my own work and I did some other projects with friends. (Thanks to all of them.)
This show is about life, its absurdity, and its hopes
I could go on 
“You must go on. I can't go on. I'll go on.” 
― Samuel Beckett, The Unnamable
Thanks for looking

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Images from SJU Gallery

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