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Near Project

I always wanted to see how my work would look if made by someone else. I have done a few projects in the past that explored this idea. But this particular moment seems most appropriate. Especially in this very strange pandemic time. 
This project is an opportunity for me to connect and share with those that I missed during lockdown, or those that we found somehow more connected because of the pandemic. 
I choose some of my favorite pieces that I made in the past and figured out a way to make each a “paint by number”. I mixed the paint, marked out the lines, packed it all up with directions and brushes …
I then asked some family and friends to make my work. 
I am super lucky that there are people that I really should have sent one of these to, but couldn’t because of time. But this project I hope is something that I continue in the future.

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Before and After Images

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Process Images

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